Långfärdsskridskor (rental available)

On lakes in Holm can take nice tour skating in the winter and there is also skates for hire locally (see below). It is a true pleasure to silently glide across the ice and see the nature around.

Holmsjön the municipality and the area's largest lake and can offer a three mile ride each way between jämtland limit above the sand Näsets Camping in the northwest and Holmsjö spirit of the Southeast. POn account of its size and that it is non freshwater streams have as a rule also usually thick ice. When the wind blows, it is usually along the lake (mostly from West to East) which means that you can be a cool sense of speed by just “easy pedaling” with his feet while you yourself feel as calm hand in hand with the wind.

Holmsjön freezes usually well into December andthen keeps the normally frozen far ahead in the spring. Vill to go before you can start earlier in some of the smaller lakes around here, already in October-November. T.ex. on Lillsjön, Anundgård Sea or Navarn (se karta).

Since the driving route 320 mostly runs along the lake, there are many different places to go down to the lake from depending on where you want to start. On the beaches and cliffs around the lake are also several shelters and barbecue places to stop at, or if you want to grill sausages. Such a windbreak is easy to walk to and park at in Västbyn this.

Rent ice skates and safety equipment (available in Holm / Sundsvall / set)


If you do not own skates, or want to bring a group of friends, there are five pairs of skates to rent. The skates are easy to fasten in their regular shoes or boots. Then just go! The skates are brand Lundhags (also available with rottefellabindning if you have ski boots).150 SEK / couple / day including. ice-prods (and a lifeline per party). OBS! 20 % discount for HBU members!

Contact for rental and more:
Niklas Wikholm / Holm Service AB
E-mail: info@holmservice.se
Phone / SMS / WhatsApp: 0730-332944

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