Paramotorkartan (under utveckling)

Around Holm and Sundsvall there is an interest in paramotor flying. This page is a test under development to compile suitable landings for refueling, rest and where paramotor enthusiasts stick around Sundsvall (maybe even the remaining parts of Sweden in the long run!?).

The map can be used to plan distance flights or pleasant excursion destinations.

Blue screen = Landing site
Red pump = Petrol station
Orange knife & fork = Cafe / kiosk / restaurant
Purple house = Paramotorentusiast (pilot's home, cabin or where you usually fly)
Gray field = Airspace where flights are restricted (updated 200514).
(Enable and disable the map layers you want to see at the top of the map.)

Description of the map
The parameter map shows suitable breaks- and refueling points for paramotor flying.

On the map you will find “needles” with gas stations and eateries within walking distance to nearby fields / fields / parking suitable for landing of paramotor. You will also find benevolent enthusiasts who can provide a can for cost price if needed refueling or a nice coffee break with like minded on the trip.

For comments or if you want to share suitable landing sites, refueling points or where you as a paramotor pilot stick to, you can e-mail A variant is to mark a location on the map a mobile and then share it via e-mail with your description thereon.

Please enter some info about the place. As if the refueling station has a service shop or is an automatic pump. Please also specify conditions for the field that is good to know, such as substrates, inclination, approximate length and width, home. power lines nearby, whether it is a field can be overgrown or a large parking lot that is often parked day or evening.

Airspace map with flight restriction areas Source: (fullscreen)
Hover your mouse over an area to see within which heights the area applies.

Small glossary
CTR: Controlled airspace extending from the ground surface up to a specified upper limit.
TIA / TIZ: (Traffic Information Area/Zone) – Area with flight information service extending from the ground up to a specified upper limit.
DARK: (Terminal Control Area) – Control area for approaching airports, which extends between certain specified height ranges. In other words, under the lower altitude indication you can fly with a paramotor (however, outside possibly. CTR).
R: restriction Area, t.ex. military firing ranges.