Diversion of Österström

On Österström was a great rafting centers, giving it a historic setting with multiple attractions. For example, a 100 years old cabin trolley in original, locomotives pump house is restored and water powered carousel – the first (own?) in the world of its kind. Here you can stroll around the memories and enjoy the environment.

Read more about Österström here.

Moreover treated to several activities by Österströms Estate, which today is run as conference center and restaurant.

  • Fiske - Private lake with game fish or more wild lakes and trolling on Holmsjön. Read more about fishing here.
  • Art Round - Visit of Curt Agge on Aggegården with guidance.
  • Pasture and cognac - historical experiences together with a guide from the local heritage society.
  • Three- or ages - challenge each of physics and logic.
  • Kockduellen - together with our chefs you doing tonight's dinner.
  • sauna Horny - Relaxation and swimming in our wood-fired sauna hut.
  • Musical entertainment - enjoy the beautiful instrumental music, and of those, or troubadour.
  • Canoe rentalsRent a canoe to explore the lakes. Kanotsläpagn can be rented if desired. Read more about Canoe rental here.

If you have questions and want to know more, contact Österströms below Estate:
(Direct Österströms activities here.)

osterstrom FöretagEast Power Conference & Center
Accommodation, restaurant, activity, Entertainment mM.
Contact: Tommie Vesterlund – 0692-301 00, tommie@trapatronen.se
Homepage: osterstrom-konferens.se

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