Here you will find information about the services and assistance that is available in Holm.
Acute info – Heart Starter locally in Holm Emergency Information for Holm easily found via the red cross on the front page.
In Anund Farm is an AED (defibrillator) positioned for rescuing cardiac arrest before a ambulands had reached. Defibrillator retrieved in an emergency by Olle Frisk (the entryway) old. reached by telephone. In Holm is also the first attempt of residence in Sweden volunteers who immediately alerted the SOS in an accident. Learn about cardiac arrest and help in emergencies in Holm, / acute.
Contact: Olle Fresh 0730-484 511, 0692-30123.

Anund Manor School
Here, pupils from preschool to sixth grade. The school offers a peaceful and stress-free environment where all students are seen. Outdoor activities are the school's focus.
Karta: The school's location and catchment
Contact: Staff room – 0692-300 62,
Rektor Roy Resare 060- 658 33 01, 073-275 29 83 (teaching f.n. moved to Liden)

Anundsvägen Farm Preschool
Preschool consists of a sibling group of children from 1 – 5 year. Preschool working with language awareness, environmental work and play as important lärområden. Our outdoor education that gives children opportunities to try out different activities in the local environment.
Contact: preschool – 0692-301 54,
Preschool Director Peder Bay 060-658 32 80,

Mobile library
As a rolling public library bookmobile will turn around Holmsjön with stops here and there in the villages. Here you can find among others. Timetable, opportunities for extra stops, and if you want to borrow a particular book. Read more.
070-660 42 32,

Read more about broadband in Holm.The association Holm Fiber a project for the expansion of fixed broadband with the aim of laying fiber cable along the entire Holmsjön and with branches up into its surrounding villages. Since the former is also a fiber optic cable routed through Anundgård-Östbyn. In addition there is a plurality of mobile solutions. Read more.

Gas station
Niklas and father Max, who helped a lot during the construction, happy that the grocery store is getting started and the villagers can actually fill up again in Holm. Photo: Swedens radio.130123: Ur function. HBU is trying to solve it.
Read more here about the new petrol station plans.
230805: Finally, it is possible to refuel in Holm again opposite the church (Anund Farm 180). On the sandwich “Holm Service” can you now fill up with petrol 95 + 98, Diesel (“white diesel“, B0) and AdBlue. The pump accepts most cards and companies can also apply for local tank cards (email
Learn more about Holm Service.
Read about the inauguration this.

Line 28 operates daily route Holm-Sundsvall. More information about bus services and timetables will find this.
Transport Träpatronen & Tourism 0692-304 00.
Länstrafiken –

Help at home
In Holm provides social services at the municipality of Sundsvall different form of home help for those who are elderly or have a disability. Everything from changing curtains to get food hemlevererad or get help with showering in the home. Read more here.

Holm's church and congregation
Holm's church belongs to the diocese of Härnösand is located in Anund Farm. The church was built 1903-1904. Most likely fourth Holm parish church. Contact: 060-910 09
Read more about Holm's Church and Holm parish.

Holms Flowers Fund
For Holm's Flower Fund can donate money and gifts which are mediated to end in Holm's Parish. Read more here.
Ing-Marie Nordberg Wikholm 076-767 41 29,
old. 0692-300 39

Office space, meetings, gatherings, fester m.m.
In Holm are several rooms for those who want to host meetings, conferences, wedding, solid, dancing or other types of activities. Units are available with or without the combination of accommodation.
Contact for more information:
Niklas Wikholm 0730-33 29 44.

Post- and lantbrevbärarservice
Mailboxes in Holm, district. Get your packages hemkörda free and pay bills to lantbreväraren. Send a letter home with a bag on your mailbox.
Contact: Post customer service 020-23 22 21,
Post Ombudsman ICA Liden 0692-100 26.
Read more here.

Renhallning i Holm.Sanitation
Here you can read most of bulky waste, hazardous waste, sports club metal collection and many other things related sanitation in Holm, read more.

I Liden (map / directions), 15km/20min
north of Holm is also found:
Pharmacies – 0771-405 405.
Health center – 0692-439 20 (counseling.: such. 1177).
Care Homes – 0692-103 04.
Bank – 0692-60960.
Country store – 0692-10026. Even representatives of:
Systembolaget. Order by phone.: 0692-100 26. Delivery Scheme and range.
Post – Customer Service: 020-23 22 21, Mail sorting Nacksta (paketlev.): 010-436 63 29
Workshop and mack – 0692-10016. Even representatives of:
Swedish Game – Customer Service: 0770-11 11 11.

(ATG-Agent are closest to on the way to Sundsvall at Kovland kiosk (card))

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