Help at home

There are various ways to get help with everyday life in the home for those who are elderly or have a disability.

  • engage “Fixar'n” to prevent fall injuries. Read more.
    Fixar'n is a person who comes home and helps those who are elderly or impaired function. The service costs nothing. Ring 070-191 61 21.
    “To prevent falls in the elderly home”.
  • Home Health Care. Read more.
    For example you can get help: insulin therapy, dressing wounds, eye drops and medicine sharing. Contact / information: The municipality's switchboard 060-19 10 00.
  • home help. Read more.
    Home help is a support activity in the form of service and personal care in the home. You can get home care for the things you can not handle on their own. From autumn 2012 is it choice in home care.
    The processing unit receiving group: 060-19 25 50.
    The nearest local home care, Liden: 0692-101 36.
  • Household services. Read more.
    You can choose a private company that performs services, often called “household services”. For household services, you can deduct tax at half the cost of labor. Order the service directly with the private companies you want.
  • Food delivered home. Read more.
    Need to get the food delivered home, help to cook it, or maybe help with meal? All that you can apply to the municipality for. Delivery Cost (2012) 250kr / month.
  • Security alarm and fire guard. Read more.
    A security alarm can make it feel safer to be at home day and night. You can quickly get in contact with staff at all times.
    To have a timer on the stove can also reduce the anxiety to forget the plates when cooking. Such can get installed without the assistance assessment.


More information:
The municipal website
home help.

Sundsvall Municipality 060-19 10 00.