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since the fall 2012 selling Holm's Local History Society Paper on Holm. Read about the book and how to purchase it in Holm or directly via online – suitable if you live Foreigners in Sweden or elsewhere world.

“Holm – Forests and waters land”
depicts in pictures and stories life and countryside from prehistoric times to the present day. The forests, Lakes and rivers have played a big role in people's lives, several of the books in this book. The book addresses everything from archaeological remains, immigration to rural areas in 1300- and 1400s, the demographic heyday at floating era in the late 1800's and much much more. Read the back cover.

The book is available in limited edition and had already sold nearly 400 copy (!) i november. Make sure you order the book you. Order by Phone, purchase of Holm or order the book home by mail below.


Fact: 250 sides 1.2 kg pictures and text about Holm's history.
Measure 27×22 cm.
Taken: 250 kr.



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