Did you know that…

  1. Businesses in Holm 10% lower employer which can be utilized directly in monthly tax. This p.g.a. that it is in a so-called. support area.
  2. In Holm's fiber broadband which gives companies opportunities to engage in activities in many different fields.
  3. In Holm live over 400 inhabitants.
  4. In Holm's more than 10 compounds that satisfy many interests.
  5. It only takes about 35 minutes to travel from Anundgård Sundsvall by car. The road has been very good standard.
  6. There are bus connections to Sundsvall.
  7. Attractive house prices in Holm gives a generous and economical accommodation.
  8. Opportunity for attractive accommodation in the apartments are. Many without effort and at low monthly costs.
  9. In Holm is the possibility of attractive plots in the vicinity of Holmsjön.
  10. In Holm's plenty of arable land available for horse enthusiasts and other activities.
  11. Holm belongs to area A, which means opportunities for entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial spirit, to make attractive establishments with sustainable development and good returns.
  12. In Holm you live in a stimulating environment, with great opportunities for recreational activities such as sports, hunt, fiske, and proximity to the forest.