Vädret in Sundsvall

Nearest weather SUNDSVALL – Hourly (What does the arrows?)

Hour by hour: SMHI.se / YR.no
Rain- and flash radar: See where it rains and lightning at the moment (Search Sundsvall), Realtidskarta
Weather Stations: My University , South Mountain see vindstyrka, temperature m.m. in real time.

Current weather in Sundsvall (My university weather station)


Coming days SUNDSVALL:

Weather Sundsvall

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Direct links to the weather of Sundsvall from other sources:
smhi.se – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
yr.no – Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK
klart.se – A weather site with sources from among others. Foreca i Finland

Weather warnings from SMHI (Fire risk forecast you can find this.)

NEW! Forecast for Northern Lights over the next three days (source)
See the new page here on Holmbygden.se with observations and forecasts of aurora from several different sources. This page is found under the weather in the menu or on Holmbygden.se/norrsken.
The bar chart provides a forecast for the northern lights närsmsta days. “Kp-index” indicates geomagnetic activity. Read more on the new page on Norrsken.

(Here you will find the corresponding page of the weather over HOLM RURAL)



ADVANCED – Forecasts for låghöjdsflygning:
LLF Low Level Flight) Low Level Forecast, Area C (2a = Sundsvall)
2000ft= 600m, FL50/5000 ft= 1500m. V/t: 230/15+14=from 230 °(EN)/15kn (7,7m/s), +14°C.
VFR maps (Visual Fligh Rules) – Current state map with clouds- and run. Current, 06, 12 UTC
Areas with visibility under 5 km and with cloud ceiling over 1000ft / 300m.
SMHI Low Level Forecast (java)
TAF and METAR (Terminal Area Forecast) – airport forecasts, Interpret TAF / METAR