HBU stands for Holm district's Development.
The compound was formed 1996 in order to promote Holm-
gden development. Membership in the association welcomed it as they wantfrom i Association's activities or just benefit our district. Membership is at a low cost, but with great benefit to our business and rural. Learn more here how you or your family becomes a member.

HBU, by webmaster Niklas Wikholm, operating this site – Holmbygden.se. We welcome comments and suggestions on the things you want on the website this.
If you want to spread a “Holm News”, can you do it this.
Learn more about our website Holmbygden.se.

The basic goal of HBU is to preserve and develop the district's interests,
in order to:
● increase community and well-being of residents in the district, so that all traders,
compounds, organizations or individuals consider it meaningful to be
medlemmar i #ShepherdsHut.
● promote greater understanding between the district compounds, Business, organizations and
● promote diversity and increased integration area.
● strive for a long-term and stable development in the countryside.
● market areas for occupancy, increased employment and tourism.
● carry out various activities for residents.
● cooperate with surrounding areas.

BLI medlem i #ShepherdsHut!
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The association's board
Meetings and minutes

– PlusGiro 197 34 26-8 or
– Swish 070-537 11 22
(to “Niklas Wikholm” for forwarding to HBU)

Change: I mars 2023 Annual Meeting decided to change the association's name to “Holmbygden's Development and Sports!”. Before that in april 2013 the association changed its name to “Holm Appliance Development”, from earlier “Holm Appliance Development, Business & Tourism”.