Glesbygdsnytt (under utveckling)

This is a page (experimental) is supposed to link to news concerns rural areas in general, in particular can be related to conditions in Holm.
See or hear something interesting, please send a link to us with the source.

2014 26/3 SVT Report: Government to invest additional millions in rural areas (video alt. 2)
700 million in order to maintain service in rural areas. The government will introduce in the spring budget. The money will last seven years and the investment made in the EU:s landsbygdsprogram, and may therefore become available this year.
2014 2/4 The government: A summary of the Rural Development Program 2014-2020
2013 8/5 agriculture Department: What is the Rural Development Program?

2014 18/2 SVT Mittnytt: Focus on the mobile network (video link alt. 2)
Read more about the story from here on Holm

2013 21/10 SVT ABC again: Stockholmers survive cardiac arrest more often
Related to Holm livräddarprojekt can see how well a similar project managed.

2013 27/9 The magazine Country: Big Country Prize 2013, kandidat 3 – Reselemodellen
25 Families are recruited into the village for five years. Read more in the magazine Country of the village worked with the migration to the district Resele Angermanland.

2013 15/5 SVT News: The village that goes against the grain (Resele)
Link to SVT's story page this.

2013 14/5 SVT News: If rural areas, Lomsjö Fredrika etc.

2013 13/5 SVT News: Blogs for rural areas

2013 9/5 SVT News: Shoreline protection disadvantage rural areas

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