Neighborhood watch in Holm

Holm has neighborhood cooperation with contact persons around the various villages. It is a collaboration with the police and a method to prevent theft and crime to increase the well-being and security in our area. This means that we help each other to keep track of each other's houses, boats and other belongings while away. In addition, we have telephone chains between the contact persons in the various villages to be able to help the police arrest a thief or other criminal in the Holm area..

Important for a good neighborhood watch is:
– be vigilant.
– Talk to neighbors when to remove.
– Tag your belongings visible.

Read more about Neighborhood Watch here The police website.

Do you want to know more or get in touch with a contact person for Neighborhood Cooperation in a village in Holm, you're welcome to go through association Holm district's Development, HBU. Contact information for HBU can be found here.

In ongoing crime – Ring SOS Alarm 112.
In previously suspected theft or criminal – Call the police 114 14.

Envarsgripande – When you as a civilian arrest someone on your own initiative
Anyone has the right to, in certain special situations, arrest persons who have committed crimes that have imprisonment in the penalty scale. The person arrested must be found naked or on the run.
Source: The Public Prosecutor's Office

If a crime has imprisonment on the penalty scale, you. if one can be sentenced to prison for that type of crime, follows from Criminal Code (1962:700). However, one must always first consider whether an intervention is really worth the risk. It can be very dangerous when weapons and drugs are often in the picture in case of crime.

Below are a few examples of crimes that may be relevant for unilateral intervention:

4 gets. About violations of freedom and peace
6 § Anyone who illegally intrudes or stays where another has their home, whether it is space, House, yard or ship, sentenced to a fine for breach of the peace.

Invades or remains someone otherwise unauthorized in the office, factory, another building or ship, in a storage place or in another such place, convicted of unlawful infringement of a fine.

Are crimes that in the first or second paragraph are said to be serious, sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

8 gets. About theft, robberies and other misdemeanors
1 § Anyone who illegally takes what another belongs to with the intention of acquiring it, is judged, if the assault involves damage, for theft to prison for a maximum of two years.