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HBU F / T Compound meetings
120313 Minutes of the Annual Meeting (not adjusted).doc

Holm Idea meeting for a living Holm

Österström, 16/1 2013 VISA.

  • Lifesaving Training as Thomas Åslin held before Christmas drew a lot of people and is a great gain for the security of Holm. Could be a training this year.
  • The turbine proposed district money Holm monitored for residents. Do keep in touch with them and agree, among other things. way to Nötåsen shoveled. Measuring mast demolished in February and construction will be of. Any cooperative can wait and we will see what form of organization best suited to receive the rural allowance. The grant shall be whatever benefit the entire district.
  • Information on the situation with Senior Citizen Home and Teacher Housing.
  • It costs ONLY 30 SEK to get a bag of groceries hemkördfrån ICA Liden through service line. Learn more about how to do this.
  • Tommie checked with Bjorn Nordling – Mittlandia to come and talk about the project leader (rural grants). He could not attend today. Trying again.
  • Macken is permanently closed. Continued operation option / lease must be investigated!
  • Leader projects discussed as a solution to power a number of contemporary projects in areas for example. Business / mack, extending broadband / telephony, occupancy (m.h.a. Heico Basten). Briefly contributes locally 30 % of the cost and get the rest of the support grants. 30 %-cost can be valued volunteer work. Inspiration from other projects can be found in rural network project database.
  • Suggested ev. field trips or knowledge acquisition from Alby and Ljustorp how they run mack / business.
  • Funny that a new young family moved to Holm. Must rent by Lars-Åke Sundberg. More empty houses are encouraged to try renting, happy to families. A good way to “prov-bo” and then possibly. able to purchase.
    See homes for sale and rent.
  • Site advertisement features for news and calendar have begun to use, good!
  • Bus Tours discussed. More go now than 2008, despite the smaller population. It goes the same number per bus to Kovland from Indal Liden as Holm. More seniors are now Holm bus to town, for shopping in Birsta mM. since it only costs 100kr / month (!!) for them to ride the bus in the entire municipality. Decide on ev. turändringar will be included in our. Funnily enough, the County Council would like to cut down 30% on buses, while the municipality wants to double public transport to 2020. Good support centrally However, for remote areas and Holm. Read more about the commute Holm-Sundsvall.
    Comments or ändingsförslag on buses / bus times are always welcome underlines Tommie running distance; .
  • Liden Newspaper, also published in Holm, asking for more material for elements and gladly accept more suggestions from Holm page.
  • The ice was not supposed to be flushed in years, but now they charge for requests yet begun flushing. There were children on the spot to go before the ice is frozen and now held In addition, “skid shoes-disco” on Friday night too little and large!
  • It has recently written script and soundtrack in Holm for an upcoming major motion picture. Inspiration has been taken from the beautiful environment up here.
    Jessica Falk self in creating the soundtrack.
  • Next Holm-meeting time / date is not yet decided, read below.

Making the next meeting:
– Tommie check again with Björn Norling if and when he can come to the next meeting of the project leader to talk about leader, Then we will determine the time and date.
– Janne Vinroth check urgently with Alex if it is possible to lease the gas station / pump until further. An earlier meeting in the near future may be needed on this.
– Niklas encounters previously interested, Janne, of the store and show our interest.
– Gunilla talk with ICA Kovland of interest in Holm Hall as branch.
– Niklas gets an idea-box on where you can easily write suggestions on what needs to be done in Holm.

Församlingshemmet 5/12 2012 VISA.

  • Someone in association with ICA Kovland was interested ica holm hall.
  • Goran Loviken wondering if it is possible to borrow AED to Gimåfors events. Yes it is like to be where there are a lot of people. Olle Frisk has plans for a foundation / fund to administer Cardiopulmonary starter and money on this.
  • 16 december, it training with Thomas Åslin about new SMS lifesaver.
  • The wind turbine was discussed further.
  • HBU will take a meeting regarding. economic association linked to wind turbines called. built peng.
  • We will try to invite Bjorn Norling, mittlandia regarding the project leader in Holm.
  • Calendar available on / calendar where all the compounds may enter the meeting and activities. You can see the calendar so it does not clash with other associations meetings and activities before putting into.
  • Important fixed telephony, a security. Municipal responsibility. Security alarm.
  • Poor image of Holm and Österström with poor communication networks and Internet. People who have comviq among others. have poor coverage up here. Is it possible to get a better communication?

Making the next meeting:

  • Tommy look up the leaderboard project.
  • Janne vinroth look upon cooperative ang. built peng.
  • Gunilla talk with ICA Kovland of interest in ICA holm hall
  • Lars-Goran call ica slide ang. to order food and get to Holm.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 16:e januari kl:19.00 on Österström.

Holmvallen 21/11 2012 VISA.
  • Previous meeting: What happens to school today?
    Superintendent Hans-Olof Sandström says he has talked to all parents (does not - not Patrik eg) and everyone was pleased to have the children in Liden. Local issues were discussed further.
  • Previous meeting: Is Österström district association remained? Will there be a gym in Österström?
    No party venue remains today. Billy tear out nedervåning, will be private accommodation, Facilities planned outside - for all Holmbor. More information on
    Bagarstugan remain with the compound for rental.
  • Previous meeting: Flyers about the website and the meeting shall be made and put in mailboxes around the Holm. FLYERS is written by Niklas, sent to Patrik by Anders ("Leased buddy") Fixed entire printing 500st. flyers have 121121 been time distributed from Gimåfors to Anundgård. Ingela, Kent Å, Catarina and Kent further provides dividend N.
  • Previous meeting: Upprop i Holm! We must try to use what's on the village today to our needs. Niklas has signed with the Flyers, which has been / will be distributed.
  • Previous meeting: Can we fix a hearty picnic at Sjöändan the intersection with view to Holmsjön.
    Catarina / Kent has not got hold of the relevant Transport Agency, would return. However, you can not see the lake ... is it really that good forest party's left?
  • Previous meeting: What's up with petrol pump. Alexander seems to want to get rid of the pump? Have talked with PEMA for refueling. Did not sound like they want to take over the "gas station". Better if someone / association wants to take over. Creating a village association / cooperative? Easier to get money contributions as. What does the pump have today? Current, kortautomat m.w.?
    JANNE checked with Alexander how it works now:
    It is true that Alexander wants to get rid of it. He wants to be, however, sell refrigerators, compressors, etc.. while the pump. We also discussed various options.
    Examples of the takeover are from Sollerön, Dalarna. A model for us?
    Look how they've done in the protruding notch anchor and Sörbygden?

    Kent checking further with PEMA ...
  • Previous meeting: Thomas checks with Ljustorp how they run the pump and store in a collective model.
    Talked to a former colleague, a village association owns the store with all the gadgets (freezer, kyl etc.). Then they rent out to a businessman who runs it. Here in Holm, the situation is a little different with a private owner of the property, then want to sell freezer o fridge while gas station.
  • Lower payroll taxes in Holm for some companies p.g.a. it is in the support area (Naval, flights and taxis transport). Janne have drifted previously in Taxi Operations. Niklas writes with the company on the website to stimulate entrepreneurship in Holm.
  • of roll in Stugun first ... 4 was, the year after 125 was. Such competition should be able to work here with, especially with the new fine ramps around the lake.
  • We need to get more positive news in the papers and internet Holm.
  • TV movie has been made Poles in summer. available?
  • 700 € with trips and boat M.M.. from Poland.
  • the. wind: Cable has been drawn to Lövåsen from Liden. Tanks available for expansion in the future is. Built Peng diskuterades.
    EULOS has taken over the project from Vinbolaget.. No shares will be sold. EULOS have interest to have contact with the villagers directly and give us byapengen directly without the municipality as intermediaries. Make sure that we cooperate and not compete between clubs in Holm.
  • Not as much commitment today to keep up leads for scooter. Do people do not come up and go snowmobiling in the same extent. Sadly.
  • leisure Tips! Skating rink now Lillsjön and Anundgård Lake.
  • Must be the Lucia celebration 13:e in Church.
  • Julaktion the parish house in two weeks. Even more info on the protection of accidents in the backwoods. Cardiac Arrest (SOS operator decides) road accident, fire and drowning (RTJ internal command decides) interact through SMS in the backwoods. (Ljustorp, Holm, Överturingen, North Hazel and Magpie trial locations).
  • Heico Basten, occupancy consultantaccommodation in Stöde (Originally from the Netherlands), talked about his company Destis and their opportunities. Driver in support district cooperation by a socalled. Project Leader. The church is the project which. 2 families have moved into, 3 fam. on the way, 1 to our. VarVar emigrants bl. a. via EU:the largest migration exhibition in Holland, site, communities.IT skills required in Sundsvall. Many want to work in town, but stay in the countryside. The distance to town is no problem in their case. Not as many manage to sell the house now in Holland, but many need jobs. The attraction is natural and livskvalitét.Ett cooperation with Heico and his company Destis would benefit Holm. Funding is required, however,. A Leader project can be started. It requires commitment to keep the. Björn Norling, Mittlandsskogen, can tell you more and know how it works.
  • Ensure one from each association will at its next meeting.
    HBU F/T – Holmbygden Development Entrepreneurship and Tourism – Erica Forström (Janne contact)
    Holm's Sports Club - Owe Eliasson (Thomas contact)
    Holm's Local History Society - (Thomas contact)
    Holms Husmodersförening - Greta (Ingela)
    Draka The mountain snowmobile club - Motorcycle and Snowmobile - Jan-Erik Nilsson (Kent)
    PRO Holm – Staffan Andersson
    Gimåfors Bygdegårdsförening –
    Vike-profit trade association - Holger Sahlin (Max)
    Österströms Bygdegårdsförening - Carina Hultman (COMES?)
    Österströms Estate - (Thomas)
    Sandnäset – Diane (Pontus)
    Roland (Janne)
    Fiskevårdsområdet – Stefan Maina (Pontus)
    Council of Churches - Ulla Grelson (COMES?).
  • Next Date 5:December at 19:00, Församlingshemmet. Gunilla see if we can borrow school, alternatively Församlingshemmet. Gunilla see if we can be in school, alternatively Församlingshemmet. Niklas announces the next meeting on the website and via e-mail.

Holmvallen, 18/10 2012 VISA.

  • The school today? In addition, the currently dormant p.g.a. a teacher who is missing. Right now, the lack of child support makes it arguably the skolort is best at the moment. What we do know is that more children (!) to keep school running and quality.
  • We should try find "our thing" in Holm. Perhaps somewhat narrow area which profiles Us, like eg. Näsåker have Urkult Festival and put their district on the map.
  • We should be better at working to common goals in the village, it creates cohesion in Holm.
  • Can we arrange a annual byafest with a relatively narrow focus. T.ex. en countryfestival.
  • Can a winter event to be something? Get busy dates that time of year, Unlike summer. Ideas for there.
  • Holm Cup as it was pulled relatively few people - most players. Better with Little Holm Cup, many parents. However, very competitive with other cups. Boule Contests held during the summer works well with visitors and use of street cuisine.
  • Is Österströms bygdeförening left? Will there be a gym in Österström? Checked up for the next meeting.
  • Some still do not know if Flyers must be made and placed in mailboxes around the Holm. Flyer must be in order to promote and next meeting. These are laid the postlådor.
  • Most have moved to Deep Pipe which is interesting. How is it? People should be attracted to the Holm district in general also.
  • Upprop i Holm! We must try to use what's on the village today our needs, t.ex. Carpenter, carpet layers, painter, Österströms Estate. Companies are on / corporate. More Feel free to add to it where free! Should skrivaa with the Flyers.
  • Poles have been hired in the village and they have liked it here. Will now move back to Poland, but the advantage of remaining in Holm. A new will move in there now. There is a need to make it easier to rent in Holm. It attracts people to later become permanent residents.
  • It is always a queue and there is always interest to move into the "settlements". There is a need for dwellings. Too bad the "Senior Citizen Home" and "Teacher Housing" is mismanaged.
  • Can we fix a hearty picnic at Holmsjö Butt crossed with no vy against Holmsjön - "Gateway to the Holm". Talk to the transport department if it's okay to expand the intersection where already very much there. Can you get a contribution to this by the County Board. Viewing the Transport Administration of opportunities for the next meeting.
  • Nothing concrete has been around Affär'n for sale. Stakeholders are, however,, but nothing has come to shot.
  • The status of the fuel pump discussed. Alexander wants to keep it or needed someone else does it? Kollas up for the next meeting.
  • We should talk to Ljustorp about how they run their pump and store in collective model. Viewing the contacts in Ljustorp before Nosta meeting.

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