Sopsorteringen in Anundgård.

Keeping clean, tidy and free of clutter is obvious – especially if you live amidst nature. In Holm is a waste separation at the church and the garbage truck comes every other week.

Do you yourself go away with garbage, it is closest to Circuit Lopp Park on Blåberget or less need to hazardous waste center in Bydalen, Sundsvall. In addition, the municipality / Recommended collection tours Holm as below.

More information
– Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård, Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård. 020-0880311 (Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård “104 08 Holm's church”).
Waste Taxa 2013 – Complete price for different types of garbage, slam m.m.
– Order online a brown bin and save each year. Read more further down.
– How sorted ammunition etc.? Here you can search for how things should be sorted.
– More information, brochures and guides mM. of Reko Sundsvall website.
– New food waste bags are available at Liden ICA or ICA Kovland.
– Sopsortering in Christmas.
– Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård (read more from appropriations 2012). Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård. Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård.



Household waste and food waste collected odd weeks as follows:
Mondays: Kväcklingen, Västbyn, Vike, Loviken, Sandnäset, Sunnansjö.
Thursdays: Anund Farm, Östbyn, Österström, Inclination.
Emptying the holiday occurs during the period May-September.
(Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård)

Waste Taxa (2014) Source: Reko Prislista
1. Villa Households pay a fixed annual fee of 870 kr.
2. Drain charge 6,19kr / 140 l or 6,68kr / 190 l. The brown barrel does not have a drainage fee.
3. Weight Charge 3,00 NOK / kg or 0,90 SEK / kg if one has a thin brown and sort their food waste.

Save approximately 400-700 per year
Cheapest will be if you order a brown thin, but still have their own compost for food. When the kilo priced 0,90 SEK / kg for the green bin and food waste will be free in the compost.
Order a barrel directly and save money! How separated waste collection brown barrel swill.

Examples: Only green 190 l tunna (20kg / TomN. which 5 kg of food waste, every other wk)
20• 26V kg. • 2.09 Cr + 6,49kr • 26v. + 845 kr = 2100 kr
With a thin brown instead becomes cost 1455 kr and has a compost also becomes COST 1345 kr (examples of 2012 year's prices).
Count on your cost with Holm Bygdens Waste Calculator (requires Excel).

Barntaxa: Has toddlers, under 4 year, producing Used diapers mM. you can also get cheaper tariff this.


Collection of bulky waste (see the current schedule and read more)
By the way, a week during the spring and one in autumn. If you are unable to run your bulky waste, you can always get them downloaded for a fee. Ring 020-21 19 19.

This will not be downloaded:
– Building waste
– Deck, with or without rim
– Hazardous waste (chemicals)
– Bulbs / lamps / CFLs

Mobile recycling (Read more and see when will this year)
LARGE ITEMS OF REFUSE, construction waste, garden waste, hazardous waste and things to recycling via Erikshjälpen Second Hand picked by Reko with a mobile recycling center (ÅVC) in May.

Hazardous waste (Read more and see when the collection is for hazardous waste this year)
Harmful of cases, except for the mobile recycling center also left the collection in one day in the fall.
Batteriholk, is always at the waste sorting I Anundgård.
Environmental Station to hazardous waste are at the gas station in Liden.

Collection of latrine
Comments or complaints for the garbage station in Anundgård. Read more
Set your stuffed thin visibly at any time vessel (gray) or a cottage container.

Collection of sludge (read more)
Sjöändan-Holm-Liden: Aug-Sept (2014)
Sjöändan-Ase on road 320: juni-Sep (2014)
Løvika-Vike: Oct-Nov (2014)

Collection of garden waste
Garden waste in big bags (800 liters) retrieved Collection tours at a cost of 250:- inclusive of tax. The price includes pick-up and transport to recycling. The IBC can buy on Kretsloppsparken or Hazardous Waste Centre in Bydalen. Collection takes place in spring and in autumn (dates here). OBS! The bag shall be located within three feet from the curb. You can always leave garden waste free of charge at our recycling centers.

Scrap Cars, Build- and demolition waste, Corporate waste, Ensilageplast
Read more municipal website here.

How to recycle your


Sundsvall, Waste and recycling
Rekos site and Timetable.