Österströms Bags Holiday Compound

Our business is in the scenic Österström vicinity. The association manages the bakehouse available to the public benefit and also organizes gatherings in the neighborhood. Anyone wishing good homemade bread may of us rent the cozy bakehouse about. 40 sqm for a low cost.

Rent of bakery: 100 NOK or 50 SEK for members.
Membership in compound: 50 kr / person or 100 SEK family (year 2020).

Everyone who, want, and adopt the rules / bylaws are adopted within the Association, to become members. However, with the right to vote only for those members who reside in Holm parish boundaries. For other grant support membership. According to the decision at the start in March 2016 membership fee 50 / year and must be paid to Handelsbanken clearing number 6344, account 980 259 398, OBF. Write clearly what / who the sender of the payment.

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17/3 -16: Österströms Bygdegårdsförening nystartar!
10/5 -18: Fleamarket in Österström

Charina Hultman 0692-300 92 (manages the rental of the bakehouse).

(Former Österströms Bygdegårdsförening)
(The compound named before 2016 “Österströms Community Centre Association” and was a long time property owners of the so called. “old School” in Österström. Association hosted the meeting hall, and served the district for several celebrations, in-, memorable evenings in front and meetings of all time. The room is then about 2012 sold into private hands.)

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