About Holmbygden.se

About Holmbygden.se
The purpose of Holmbygden.se is that the page must be a portal to the countryside Holm, with all that is happening, and with updated information about the area – in one place. The website also serves as a bulletin board in time where the villagers themselves can post news and market their business and companies – no charge. Meanwhile, people on the basis of a simple way to find out about what's in Holm which accommodations offered at either short stay or when you move to the village.

The website is created and operated voluntarily by Niklas Wikholm (raised in Holm) on behalf compound HBU. Do you have comments on the website or want add an announcement or a grant you are welcome!

By visiting Holmbygden.se often you can easily updated information on Holm. Read more here “Follow Holmbygden.se” how you can benefit from the website.

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