Allbergsbacken is Holm's pulk- and toboggan run No. 1 with a beach overlooking Holmsjön. To get to the hill on foot, with vehicle or scooter. Occasionally shoveled also a car park at läggdan just above the hill.

Should we go in the evening, there lighted lighting manually on site. The lighting comes with the help of the Light (Green), sitting on lampstolpen up the road. The lights go out automatically with a timer.

Allbergsbacken 2012

T.v.: Pictures of the hill, sports holiday 2012.
T.H.: Button to turn on lights.
Hill is located underneath Way 320 (62°39’10.3″N 16°38’09.4″E) at the junction towards Holm's Church when you come from the east - from Sundsvall. On the map below to zoom in and see more accurate.

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