Österströms Bygdegårdsförening nystartar!

After a period of dormancy now Österströms Bygdegårdsförening, OBF, “poppat” up with a fresh start in conjunction with a meeting of Benny and Charina Hultman 15/3 -16. Some 20 interested came together and jointly went through the preferred agenda.

The Board of ODD were elected as follows; Chairman Lars-Erik Persson, deputy chairman. Kenneth Eriksson, Secretary Britt-Marie Nordin, vice sek. Charina Hultman, cashier Lars Hallberg. Deputies Roland Hultman and Ulf Andersson. Auditor Bosse Lindroos, alternate auditor Karin Lindroos. Nomination was Håkan Andersson and Märta Greta Jonsson. Responsible landlord of the bakehouse is Charina Hultman.

The membership fee is determined to be 50 kr / year and shall be paid to Handelsbanken clearing 6344, account 980 259 398, OBF. Write clearly the / a of the sender of inbet. average. Everyone who, want, and adopt the rules / bylaws are adopted within the Association, to become members, However, with the right to vote only for those members who reside in Holm parish boundaries, other support granted membership.

Welcome as members of the district support association, where we will try to coordinate the different interests that come up on the agenda in recreation and community. The Board looks forward to, members and other general, come with proposals for measures to encourage us in our district.

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