Media monitors scandal houses and Aros Energy certification AB

Work in progress properties in Holm while media scrutiny continues around the scandal houses and the current company Aros Energy certification AB. The radio sent today if Holm and further follow-up is expected on Thursday in P4 Västernorrland.

Get Holmbor currently has eluded the craftsmen in the middle of the village who now toil day and night to urgently get ready scandal houses to asylum accommodation. The craftsmen are well acquainted with the district when the years recurrent hired under Johan Stendahl own since he first took over the houses 2005. Media monitors developments in Holm and trying to sort out all the confusion behind the company.

Listen to Radio Sweden reports about Holm from Wednesday 9/10.
Flush to 03:20 to hear the story about the asylum seekers to Holm.

P4 Morgon describes, among others,. the unfinished houses and how wrecked cars “adorning” refugee children supposed spawning. A common sight for the villagers who had seen how properties are handled over the years. The asylum seekers will be forced to go 10-12 timmar t.o.r. for inhandling of food and visits to health centers. That they could wait outside for hours in freezing 20-30 degrees in winter itch at neither the Migration Board or the company Aros Energy certification AB.

Listen to more relevant aspects concerning the Migration Board's procurement of companies
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